, ? « If radiation, the quarkonia would dissolve immediately » (I. Vitev)

«. Scet_g-», How do we model thermal physics for a system at large velocity ? Scales ? ? Where is the transition region in pT ? ? Can we reproduce pA results with this approach ? Generic question : How far can an octet propagate in a nucleus (seen as a color reservoir) ? As an echo to topic 1: for open HF: situation becomes a bit boring at low pT => go for intermediate pT? could be the case for quarkonia as well Does it make the physics easier ? For which ingredients precisely ? Color screening or (more or less) usual energy loss, ? How does if contradict Peigne and Arleo picture ? (apart from looking at the internal dynamics) ?, p.33

, Why is it good for ? Clear view = Mess 2 or the future of our field ? Same mechanisms ? What are we probing ?